Progressive Thai Massage

Expand your physical energy and attune your emotions


The combination of Energy Work and Thai-Massage liberates blockages in the physical body and the electro-magnetic field. It mitigates physical pain and helps to release subconscious conditions.

Due to the special degree of attention unique to each person, Progressive Thai-Massage creates a safe space within which you will heal at your own pace. You will learn to tune into your body and your breath, put the “monkey mind” aside and release neurobiological memories.

Thanks to a combination of techniques, you are encouraged to heal without force. Physical treatment, breath work, meditation and behavioral techniques guide you to rewrite the emotional signature of past events.

Progressive Thai-Massage also incorporates acupressure, movement and manipulation of the body. Another important element is stillness which will aid you to connect with the peaceful centre within. The practice is delivered with absolute respect for the person receiving the treatment. The state of inner peace it provides and the physical and emotional care that is nurtured combines to create the best combination of treatments to date. It promotes a feeling of vitality, clarity, enthusiasm and a heightened sense of awareness of the unity with oneself.

A safe space within which you will heal at your own pace.

Progressive Thai-massage adjusts to the needs and specific physical and emotional conditions of each individual. A session can treat the whole body or specific parts. It is said that Progressive Thai-massage is based on compassion and so the recipient enjoys special attention and great respect throughout the treatment. The objective of Progressive Thai-massage is to assist and allow the energy to flow harmoniously on its natural course.

Throughout history, the treatment has been enriched by techniques such as Thai massage, craneosacral pulse, myofascia release, the Dharma Shamanic System, and Dr Joe Dispenza’s work thus becoming an integration of interventions that are hard to define.

Progressive Thai-massage is a complete and rounded treatment. It can help with almost all problems related to mind and body.

It helps eliminates physical pain, calms the nervous system, promotes flexibility, agility, range of movement and levels of energy. It also stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage. It relieves headaches and pain in the joints and stimulates internal organs.

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