Progressive Thai Massage.


Here, you’ll find a welcoming experience that allows you to expand your physical energy and regulate your emotions in a completely personalized way. It doesn’t matter if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, if you’re an athlete, or if you want to overcome traumas, this massage adapts perfectly to your current state and needs.

Mathieu combines the ancient art of Thai massage, craniosacral techniques, and powerful energy work to address your physical body, mind, emotions, and energetic body. Each session is a unique and authentic experience, where pain is alleviated, and neurobiological conditioning is released.

Movement, stillness, and space intertwine in this experience. You learn to connect with your body, your breath, and quiet the mind, directing your attention inward to deeply connect with yourself. It’s not just a technique, but a special listening and accompanying of each person. A safe space is created where you can explore your inner source of health and liberate yourself at your own pace. Your body becomes an instrument of consciousness, guiding you towards your own internal resources and activating your unique healing process.

Through physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditations, and behavioral approaches offered in the sessions, you can take control of your life and transform the emotional signature of past events.

A safe space is created where you can explore your inner source of health and liberate yourself at your own pace.

The Progressive Thai massage approach goes beyond massage techniques. It’s about listening and specially accompanying you in your process. With compassion as the primary foundation, you receive deep and respectful attention with the goal of allowing energy to flow naturally and harmoniously, enabling you to experience a profound and personal transformation.

Progressive Thai massage has been enriched with the wisdom of diverse cultures, merging elements of Thai massage, craniosacral pulsations, myofascial release, the Dharma Shamanic System, and other techniques.

Additionally, the reviews reflect the high level of satisfaction from those who have experienced the benefits of this holistic and personalized approach.

I invite you toread the reviews; you will surely find testimonials that resonate with you.

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