Mathieu Courivaud

Hello! I am Mathieu,

I like moving my body and being still, while focusing my attention on being conscious of the subconscious.

I come from a background that we could call “normal” and behavioral patterns like “they will hurt me…I am not able to…they won’t let me…”led me to living in guilt and with major conflicts inside of me. Some of the consequences were: overly sensitive digestive system altered nervous system, irregular sleep and repressed anger to the point of being drained of strength and energy.

So, I looked for methods that could help me and thanks to the movements of Kung Fu I found a state of floating while being grounded, an experience that I had not felt with any other activity before. The practice yoga added its grain of salt and, thanks to Vipassana and Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations I finished recovering my physical and emotional balance.

As I have lived in various countries, I have learned the Thai massage, craneo-sacral and Energy Work and I like studying how recent scientific studies show the effects of meditation on our being.

Mathieu Courivaud


Calle Fayna 46. Playa Honda. Lanzarote.


(+34) 618 792 604