“I had the most wonderful experience with Mathieu. On meeting him he listened to me very attentively and was very interested in what I had to say and what I felt my body needed and then he began to work on me. I went to him because I had a sore neck and by the time he was finished doing his amazing work on my whole body I walked out of his studio without a pain or an ache, feeling much lighter physically and emotionally, but I also left his studio with a lot more knowledge about my body and he also gave me ideas how to incorporate stretches and well-being into my everyday life at home. He has a very gentle but very effective approach to his work/massage. It is a very unique experience. I believe in his work, I trust him, I love his attitude.”


“Mathieu has a beautiful energy and he transmits and delivers it in the session generously. It is truly healing to be able to calm like this and see how the body responds through the exchange of energies, expressing each emotion without repressing it. Being vulnerable, feeling. You feel at peace with your company and in your space. I wish there were more people like that. Thank you for sharing your energy and providing value. ✨”


“I want to thank Mathieu for his professionalism and that way of transmitting that he has which reaches the soul. The experience was super enriching, I had never attended an activity like this and I highly recommend it. It is not only a physical job but also a mental one, the mix that Mathieu creates in both makes you connect with parts that we have inside without knowing they were there. The experience was incredible, how the body can relax, at the same time gain flexibility and, above all, heal areas where they are most damaged, both internally and externally in a unique way, thanks to the environment of trust that Matthieu creates throughout the session.”


“Mathieu’s sessions take place based on listening to his clients and personalizing the experience according to the needs of each one. You receive individualized attention where you can achieve both physical and mental harmony, from the hands of a professional who intersperses delicacy with firmness. In addition to the massage, Mathieu taught me some exercises to do at home to improve my posture and back, which I really appreciate! If you are in Lanzarote, you cannot stop going!”


“Amazing therapeutic experience. After being hit by a horse I have had a lot of bodywork done, but the deep understanding of Mathieu takes the treatment to another level and the sessions with him lead me to a new state of being”.


“Mat’s technique was extraordinary from complex and targeted stretches to an endorphin release throughout my entire body.  I went back the next day to release a lot of tension in my jaw and issues with my digestive tract. A unique an effective release of stress and tension.”


“Mathieu shares with you a very special body healing experience. It is part massage, part energy work, part deep healing. I can only recommend him!!”


“Each session with Mathieu is completely unique; he has such amazing intuition and beautiful energy. He connects exactly with what I need both physically and energically. Complete bliss…Everyone should experience this at least once.”


“I have always wanted to see what Mathieu does. My experience was: being present beyond limits and I keep feeling its benefits, oneness, peace and a feeling of having let go blockages. Thank you.”


“It felt like I was in a kind of trance and I became aware of parts of me that I did not know.”


“A precisely tailored to a spiritual and heartwarming session. I was absolutely blown away by Mathieu’s technique. I felt much healthier, grounded, grateful and overall a light sensation both physically and spiritually. Ineffable energy.”


“Amazing massage experience from a very experienced friendly and warm therapist. Mathieu works with what you feel comfortable with and has a trusting relationship with you from the beginning. One of the best massage experiences I’ve ever had”.


“Mathieu gives you a special attention a creates a space so that the cells of the body can reorganize themselves and I can see something new or forgotten arise. It is like a shared meditation. A session with Mathieu is like playing music or simply a deep and honest conversation.”


“As a jazz pianist, for me it’s all about the pulse, the rhythm, the flow and the way the muscles and joints do their bit intuitively right through to the fingertips and beyond – just to let go and find the natural “swing” of things which has been there all along. Thank you. You won’t believe how I loosen up with each session physically and emotionally. Mathieu, I’m afraid you’re going to be stuck with me for a while yet!”


“After trying different therapies for many years, I can say that the sessions with Mathieu and his presence help me become independent. He has the gift to reach the depth of the being and generate harmony. Thank you.”


“A session with Mathieu is a unique experience. Both delicate and firm, his touch makes you feel secure. Besides, he has an excellent intuition to find out about the physical, mental and emotional state, which gives even more benefits to the session. Thank you.”


“Mathieu makes you feel a lot of peace. His technique unlocks emotions both physically and mentally. It gives a renewed energy and made me become aware of the importance of having appreciation for life.”


“Best and maybe only Thai massage therapist on the island? Really good and different than your usual Thai place… starting slow and going deep. We released some serious old back tension and cried a bit in the process. Felt really good. Mathieu is a true master of his craft.”



Calle Fayna 46. Playa Honda. Lanzarote.


(+34) 618 792 604